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Andrew Cashner's triple is the only one by a pitcher this year; no other season has had less than three

Denis Poroy

When I saw that Andrew Cashner's triple last night was the first by a major league pitcher this season, it got me wondering whether there have been any seasons in which only one pitcher hit a triple. With only roughly a week left in the season, there's a good chance that could happen this year. I fired up the ol' Baseball Reference Play Index tool and looked up all pitchers who have tripled, grouped by year to see, and there have been no such seasons.

Even if another pitcher manages to leg out a three-bagger in the next eight days, Cashner will still be a part of history, as the current low for triples in a season by all pitchers is three. It was first set in 1991, then tied in 2010. Of course, it will be way cooler if Fast Money sets the record outright; that would make for a great trivia question for years to come.