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What was Trevor Hoffman taking pictures of on this card?

Trevor Hoffman is no stranger to great baseball cards. He's been pictured signing, bunting, and wearing catcher's gear, among other things. Hoffman's 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice All-Star card might be the best of the bunch. Trevor seems to be enjoying himself immensely, which makes me wonder even more what he's focusing in on. There's a nearly-endless array of possibilities, but in honor of his uniform number I'll narrow it down to my 51 best guesses as to what he's snapping pics of.

  1. Teammate and fellow All-Star Tony Gwynn
  2. A kid. The scoreboard does note that it's Kids Day.
  3. Fellow All-Star pitcher and pro photographer Randy Johnson.
  4. The San Diego Chicken
  5. The Swinging Friar
  6. Greg Vaughn, in his first full season with the Padres
  7. Legendary broadcaster, former player, and war hero Jerry Coleman
  8. Gary Coleman
  9. The photographer whose camera that is
  10. His wife Tracy
  11. Former Friar and fellow 1997 All-Star Joey Cora
  12. A locally stationed member of the Marine Corps.
  13. Then-current San Diego mayor Susan Golding
  14. Chargers legend Junior Seau
  15. Padres owner John Moores
  16. Padres manager Bruce Bochy
  17. A local businessperson trying to impress a client
  18. Then-Padres broadcaster Rick Sutcliffe
  19. Ron Burgundy
  20. The Padres' dugout
  21. The opposing team's dugout
  22. Thirteen-year-old San Diego resident Cole Hamels
  23. Harry the Heckler
  24. Hall of Famer and former Friar Willie McCovey
  25. Padres beat writer Bill Center
  26. The press box
  27. ESPN loudmouth Chris Berman
  28. Archi Cianfrocco looking for his first baseman's mitt among his five other gloves
  29. Elvis
  30. Tupac
  31. Joan Embery from the San Diego Zoo
  32. Former Vice President Dan Quayle
  33. Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath with two groupies
  34. The grounds crew
  35. Clean-shaven rookie first baseman Derrek Lee
  36. California governor Pete Wilson
  37. Beach Boys member Brian Wilson
  38. Occasional Beach Boys member John Stamos
  39. Teammate Joey Hamilton signing autographs
  40. Teammate Ken Caminiti eating a Snickers bar
  41. Winners of a local radio contest
  42. Fernando Valenzuela serving as a translator for a younger teammate
  43. Weighted bats in the on-deck circle
  44. Third base coach Tim Flannery tying his shoes
  45. Rickey Henderson stretching
  46. A security guard catching someone trying to sneak onto the field
  47. Bullpen coach Greg Booker working with Tim Worrell on his grip
  48. Local golfer Phil Mickelson
  49. Two visiting Giants fans smoking a joint while another one watches out for security
  50. An usher showing people to their seats
  51. Outfielder Ruben Rivera trying to sell Archi Cianfrocco's first baseman's mitt