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SD Social Summit: Talkin' about giveaways

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

With the timing of Sunday's Social Summit at Petco Park, a big chunk of it was unsurprisingly spent talking about the PR disaster that was the BS Plaza decision/announcement and the ensuing reactions from both fans and the front office. But, contrary to many people's impressions of the event, we couldn't and didn't actually spend the entire morning on that one subject, especially since planning for the event took place long before that whole situation happened.

So one portion of yesterday's Social Summit at Petco Park was set aside to talk about another topic that fans are very passionate about: giveaways. Wayne Partello led us once again in a discussion / brainstorming "whiteboard session" where he asked us which past giveaways were our favorites and what new giveaways we would like to see, as well as bounced his ideas off of us to try to get our input. Everyone shouted out their ideas, which were written down on a big sheet of paper. I thought I had taken a picture of the list, but I can't find it now so I'll try to remember as much as I can and probably add to this post as things come back to me.

Yes, I proudly suggested fanny packs as a future giveaway. They're stylish, functional, and timeless. I was actually wearing my own Padres fanny pack during the Social Summit and I got a lot of compliments on it, so I think there's a decent chance Partello and co. take that suggestion seriously and act on it. Some other new (or old but haven't been done in a really long time) giveaway suggestions included am/fm radios, pint glasses, garden gnomes, bumper stickers or decals, and calendars. Some past giveaways people wanted to see come back next year were jerseys (specifically brown and camo were requested), Knockaround (brown) sunglasses, flip flops, phone cases, bobbleheads, six pack coolers, duffel bags, floppy hats, and fedoras (or whatever they're really called).

Other feedback:
- It was awesome being able to exchange jersey/shirt sizes at the ballpark.
- Opening Day shirts have been "lame" the past few years. You can get much better shirts from the guys selling them for $10 the parking lots.
- We should have something that's uniquely Padres / San Diego related. Brady Phelps of Lobshots used the Royals' George Brett pine tar bat giveaway as an example of something a team has done that's been unique to them.
- There should be a good mix of practical and wearable giveaways.
- Last year's "Beat LA" shirt looked WAY too much like a Dodgers shirt. Need to make giveaways that make us look distinct from visiting fans (*cough* BROWN *cough*).
- Need better quality beach towels.

Partello also asked the group what we would think about something like a Padres boogie board giveaway. They would have to give them to people as they exit rather than enter the stadium, so it would take some different planning and organization, but I think that would be an awesome idea that the Oakland A's will inevitably steal.