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SD 6, ARI 8: Pads end road trip with loss

Instead of collecting a series win in our final showdown with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Padres instead collect their 80th loss of the 2014 season.

Ralph Freso

The Padres have been making the game difficult on themselves all season. It's hard enough trying to give a team with under-performing offense and air-tight pitching any momentum. But tonight it became even more difficult when the Padres offense broke the three-run curse yet still fumbled over themselves defensively in contrast to some amazing plays.

A dropped ball from an otherwise sparkling Cory Spangenberg that turned into two runs and a play that I can only pin as an ambitious Dodger-impression that stuck another run on the board for a crusty 5-run 3rd inning for the Diamondbacks. The Padres kicked back into things, scoring 4 of their own over three innings from a Jake Goebbert and Seth Smith ribby, as well as a Spangy sacrifice (followed by a wild pitch to get a run across the plate getting things to 4-5).

It almost seemed like it would be enough to put the Padres back into a winning position. Heck, it did. Even after a 3-run 8th from the Diamondbacks to evenly uneven things 4-8. Things started to formulate in the top of the ninth. A single from Yangervis Solarte followed by Jedd Gyorko made things tense. With one out Adam Moore smacked a double to plate Solarte, and Alexi Amarista ninja'd another run to get things at 6-8. Rene Rivera followed up with another single; and the winning run, Daddy Longlegs, was at the plate.

The ball was then crisply bonked into the ground and the game was over.

Things stayed fair. What with Despaigne's 5.2 innings pitched giving up 5 runs (3 earned) and only a collective 4 strikeouts between the pitching (as opposed to Arizona's 12) the win projections for the Padres were a lot more dynamic than they should have been.

Source: FanGraphs

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