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Quiz: Hall of Famers who were Padres at one point

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Right now you're thinking "Hey, didn't they already do that quiz?" and for once you're right. But it was so long ago that there's a new set of data. Of course, me mentioning that got you thinking about this year's crop of inductees, which in turn gave you your first answer (unless for some reason you thought Frank Thomas or Tom Glavine got enrolled in the San Diego Retirement Home). Well, good for you, hotshot. Get the other nine or else wipe that self-satisfied smirk off your face.

There's a poll under the quiz. Answer it honestly with your results once you're done. Under that is some other linky stuff, and under that is the comments section. Have at that, but just try to be mindful of others and use the black-bar spoiler-proofer-thingie which the over-overlords were kind enough to cook up. That feature is so cool to me; I like to think it's because I don't take technology or anything else for granted, but it's probably just because I'm elderly and out of touch.

Oh, and before somebody all-caps me about it, this is just guys who played for the Padres at some point. Played. That's your cue to save your time and not bother typing 'Williams'.