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SD 0, LA 4: Padres Leave Dodger Stadium Quietly

Not much fanfare was raised for the final series against the Los Angeles Dodgers for 2014.

Jeff Gross

It's the last time we'll see this stinky team two hours north of us. Tonight marked the end of the season against the Los Angeles Dodgers. We went 7-11 against them, scoring 49 runs and allowing 60. Our record at home was 4-5, and on the road was 3-6. It's fair to say we couldn't take it to them in all the ways we would have wanted to.

Tonight was the punctuation mark on the season. Getting shut out while allowing a trivially low amount of early runs. The Padres went 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position, and left only 4 on base with the 4 hits we managed to muster tonight.

Ian Kennedy got shaken by a 2nd inning RBI-double from Carl Crawford, dizzied by an RBI-single from Hanley Ramirez, and exited the game after a final RBI-single jabbed from Juan Uribe. The Dodgers were up 0-3 and Ian Kennedy somehow left after 6 innings with a manageable 3 earned runs off of a whopping 10 hits.

Our only hits came from our Cory Spangenberg, who was experimenting a little bit more in left field again (along with last night's game), Yangervis Solarte (who also drew himself a walk), the Jedd Gyorko, and Ian Kennedy who joined the pitching staff with a hit of his own.

Poor offense, timing, and a few caught stolen was in tonight's losing formula. As usual, hard Padres pitching is what kept the game, and our win projections, close. But again, it's not enough. Next we'll move on to our final faceoff against a bunch of Snakes, and close out a series versus a division opponent on a good note.

Source: FanGraphs

Triple-digit game thread with double-digit appearances is what I like to see.

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jodes carried the thread (25) and tied for the most recs (2) with CurbEnthusiasm. Good hustle.