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Padres updating area around Jerry Coleman statue for his 90th birthday

Denis Poroy

Padres Public, specifically SacBunt Chris, has an update from Petco Park.  There are stanchions around the Jerry Coleman statue, the pictures displaying scenes from his life have gone missing and a sign saying that the area is under construction is in place.

Padres VP of Marketing, Wayne Partello, confirmed that there will be an update to the area to coincide with what would have been Jerry's 90th birthday, if he had not passed away earlier this year.

Jerry Coleman's statue was revealed in a ceremony, with him in attendance, just two short years ago in 2012 on his birthday, September 14.  To me it's a little strange that it's already in need of an update.  As far as changes go, from everything I'd heard, Jerry loved the statue as it was.

After managements recent mistakes, you'll excuse me if this birthday surprise makes me just a little bit nervous. Will the change really be an improvement?  Was it in need of improvements?  Hopefully it's just something minor like his statue and the signage are getting a thorough cleaning.  If it's bigger than that, let's just keep our fingers crossed that it's good and it's not the new location of the Fox Sports San Diego stage. Surprise!