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Quiz: MLB general managers

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Some guy just got hired to be the Padres' new general manager. His name is all over the news today, but I wonder if anyone other than fans of the Padres and Rangers will remember it a week from now. Then again, how many general managers of other teams can your average Padres fan name?

We gon' find out.

You have six minutes to name as many of the 30 current general managers as you can. A lot of these guys have names I couldn't spell with a gun to my head, so I included about 82 alternate spellings for each. If you know a name but don't think you can spell it, just give it the ol' college try and it should give you credit for something close.

Once you're done, be sure to log your results in the poll. Then get some discussion going on in the comments about the ones you got, should have got, and the ones you had no idea existed. Just be sure to use spoiler bars over names out of respect for people who haven't taken it yet.