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SD1, MIN3: Pads Unable to Carry Hahn

A solo dinger wasn't enough to carry a stood-up offense, despite another great performance by Jesse Hahn.

Hannah Foslien

Just in time for today's mid-afternoon matchup against the Minnesota Twins, A.J. Preller was hired as the new GM for the San Diego Padres. As of today, Preller is 0-1 in his career as GM for the San Diego Padres. Both Jesse Hahn and Preller picked up their first 2014 road-loss. Not a good start if you ask me.

Today was the first half of the quick two game series in Minnesota. After the short break on Monday, the Padres are set to take another break on Thursday. Afterwards they'll head into Pittsburgh to take on the current 3rd place Pirates, whose MVP is currently toughing out a fractured rib and is expected to hit the 15-day DL.

The loss today was a fractured combination of a few things. The team went 0 for 4 with runners in scoring position, and left 11 on base. In the same vein, there were 11 total strikeouts. Yet a towering 12 hits to the Twins' 5, meaning the bats were there but the timing wasn't.

Yonder Alonso of all guys kicked off the scoring in the top of the fifth with an absolute monster of a homerun. His sixth HR of the season; Yonder is now hitting .375 post-All Star, which is still dwarfed by fellow 1B Tommy Medica's .410. Still, it's a lot better than the Alonso whose at-bats we used to cringe at.

$5 to whoever can even see the baseball after it comes off the bat.

The quick punch put the Pads up 1-0, but annoyingly enough the following inning was met with retaliation. A three-run jack in the 6th gave the Twins a slimy 3-1 lead. But before the inning even got its legs, Buddy Black snuck out the challenge trot on a questionable call on a tag after a drag bunt from Danny Santana. Bud is now 11-20 in his challenges, keeping him over the 50% success rate.


Santana was promptly called out after the challenge. Not because of video review, but because of the trot. Crisp trot. Good form.

The homerun was the nail in the coffin. Despite only giving up 4 hits, Hahn's line ended up being tainted with 3 earned runs. Blaine Boyer and Dale Thayer tried coming in to buy the Friars lineup some time, but the spark was never found and the offense fizzled out before anything could come to fruition.

Tomorrow we'll give Odrisamer Despaigne another shot at a win against former San Diego homeboy Kevin Correia, who handled us pretty well last time we faced him.

This is what our win probability looked like throughout the game.

Source: FanGraphs

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