The Outfield Dilemma: Fifth Weekly Update

Mike Zarrilli

It's been a while since I last did one of these posts, 23 days to be exact. I was visiting family, and they decided a week of sitting on the couch and doing nothing was enough, so they forced me to spend time with them. Since baseball reference doesn't have a last 23 days split. A lot has changed since I last posted one of these, (predictably) Carlos Quentin went on the DL, Cameron Maybin got suspended for twenty-five games, Chris Denorfia got traded, Goebbert was sent down, Jeff Francoeur was called up, and we traded for a centerfielder, in Abraham Almonte, Most importantly, we've been scoring runs.

Will Venable: I haven't looked at anyone's stats or watched a game since I last posted. Woah. What happened? .278 is a twenty point improvement from the All-Star break, he's even striking out a little bit less, he improved his K% .3%, but it's still terrible at 24.8%, and it looks like he's still not walking, down .1% to 6.1%. The last 28 days, his slugging percentage is .540, 215 points higher then his season average, I assume it's now significantly then it was, but slugging percentage is hard to calculate.

Seth Smith: The team's hot streak hasn't extended to Smith, his OBP is down three points to .384, his slugging is down thirteen to .494, his K% is up .8% to 16.9%, and his BB% is down .9% to 12.7, so he's still walking twice as often as Venable does.

Cameron Maybin: Maybin had three plate appearances between my last post, and struck out in two of them. Just for reference, his OBP and SLG are .286 and .368 respectively. His K% is at a slightly above average 19.5% (I now know league average is at 20.3%), and his BB% is at a below average 5.7%.

Carlos Quentin: He had twelve plate appearances before his injury, and got on base five times, including a double, but he also struck out four times. His OBP is now .284, and his slugging percentage is .315, both of which are below league average. His K% is below average, at 21.3%, but he makes up for it with an 11.0 BB%.

Abraham Almonte: In 119 major league plate appearances this season, Almonte has an on base percentage of .252, with a sub-Mendozan .198 batting average, so the typical first half Padre. He's strucken out 41 times, putting his K% at 34.5%, and he's only walked seven times, putting his BB% at 5.9%. In 312 plate appearances for the PCL's Tacoma Rainiers, Almonte had a .333 OBP, struck out 21.1% of the time, but made up for it, with a 9.0 BB%.

Jeff Francoeur: Frenchy only has 21 plate appearances with the big league club, and is just sitting at the end of the bench now, but it's not like he took advantage of those plate appearances. He has gotten on base five times, all walks and singles, so his OBP is at .238, and has five strikeouts.

Rymer Liriano: In his eleven games since being called up to El Paso, Liriano has been hot practicing the Padres tradition of heating up in the second half, with fourteen singles, seven doubles, and six walks, in 50 plate appearances. His OBP is at .540, with a .636 slugging percentage, both of which are clearly unsustainable, considering his career average of .341 and .427. His K% of 18% probably won't hold up, as his average in lower minor league levels is 24.3%, but we can dream can't we.

Hunter Renfroe: He's already played 34 games for the AA Missions, and isn't doing too great, with a .319 OBP, only four home runs, and 31 strikeouts, 22.5 K%, though he does have a BB% of 9.4%. Hopefully Hunter will eventually pick it up, and climb up the ladder to the majors.

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