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Yankees' Billy Eppler the new Front Runner for Padres GM

Mike Stobe

Yesterday it was reported by CBS's Jon Heyman that Billy Eppler was the new front runner in the Padres GM search.  Just last week all signs were pointing to the Rangers' A.J. Preller.

Padres now appear to be focusing on Yankees exec Eppler for GM -

It isn't certain what, if anything, might have swung things, but it seems like Eppler has an excellent chance at the job now.

This is pure conjecture but I wonder if Preller was offered the job by the Padres and turned it down.  The Rangers may have been able to convince him to stay since his leaving would be a "significant blow" to their Front Office.

Report: Yankees assistant general manager Billy Eppler front-runner to be next Padres GM | News

Eppler also oversees all phases and personnel in the Yankees' Major League and professional scouting departments both domestically and internationally.

One American League scout considered Eppler to be "organized, prepared and innovative."

Boston's Mike Hazen and the MLB's Kim Ng, the other two interviewed candidates, haven't been mentioned in weeks and probably don't have a realistic shot at the job, unless the leading candidates drop out.