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Trevor Hoffman Inducted Into Padres Hall of Fame

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In a small ceremony before this evening's ballgame, Trevor Hoffman became the first person inducted into the Padres Hall of Fame since Dick Williams in 2009. While the team went all out when they retired his number three years ago, tonight's affair was much more understated. The ceremony, hosted by Ted Leitner, began with a short video highlighting the careers of the previous inductees. Ted spoke briefly about Trevor's career before Ron Fowler and Peter Seidler unveiled his plaque.

After a video of #51's greatest moments (set to Hell's Bells, of course), Trevor spoke. He recognized that many in attendance were at the ballpark not for him, but the competition, so he got a little ribbing in. "We understand you guys follow well with your fanbase, and we all understand why you guys are here: Because you wanted to get more time in America's Finest City."

It was a nice tribute to Trevor, but the reality is that it only whets our appetite for the big ceremony when he goes to Cooperstown two years from now.

You can watch highlights from the ceremony below.