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Keith Olbermann sums up his critique on the Bud Selig Plaza fiasco with a little help from Gaslamp Ball

The new BS Hall of Fame Plaza has gained national attention. Keith Olbermann, who's already earned a warm spot in the hearts of Padres fans with his touching tributes to Jerry Coleman and Tony Gwynn this past year, took the Padres to task with a little help from Gaslamp Ball's own Wonko to describe Bud Selig's "unique" contributions to the Padres over the years.

Mike Dee and the Padres fall just shy of a power tripping lunatic who likes to abuse dogs in private for no apparent reason to be named today's World's Worst Person in Sports. That's some kinda something.

Check out the video to watch a national recognized media person basically read one of the blog posts you skim through every day and then go around tomorrow bragging like a hipster to your friends that you knew about all those points yesterday. Or if you're Wonko, use this to score beers at a bar somewhere.