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Padres Prez Mike Dee will take questions from angry fans about naming of Bud Selig Hall of Fame Plaza at Petco Park

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Padres President/CEO Mike Dee will appear on Padres Social Hour this afternoon to duck and dodge angry questions from fans trying to figure out what possessed the team to name their Hall of Fame Plaza in honor of Commissioner Bud Selig.  He'll also do his best to convince the same fans that Selig really was an integral part of the ballpark being built and that fans owe him homage.  He knows because he was here in San Diego prior to 2002, working behind the scenes.

That "appreciate the passion" bit gets me every time.  We've heard just about every Padres executive use this phrase in the last year.  Don't patronize me Padres!

The trick to writing questions for Dee is to not give him any wiggle room.  You ask him a broad question and he'll give you a broad and general answer.  Think to yourself what it is you really want to know.  Why they did it?  He's answered that question already and he'll give you the same answer again.

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"We wanted to do something to recognize his contributions here in San Diego because they are unique," Dee said. "Make no mistake, his contributions to the creation of Petco Park are profound. For those of us who were around and know the trips he made and conversations he had with local officials."

Why they REALLY did it?  We know that too.  Will you get him to admit it, not likely.

Be specific in your questions.  Here's some good ones so far from Daniel:

Well not his only question...

And from the Singing Friar: