Five ways the Padres can save face after the Selig Hall of Fame Plaza debacle

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For those of you not on Twitter, in a last ditch attempt to get an All Star game in San Diego to honor the worst current MLB commissioner, the Padres announced tonight that they are renaming Palm Court Plaza to the Bud Selig Hall of Fame Plaza. As most of you can imagine this did not go over well with fans...

Last I checked Matt Hall is still looking for positive tweet number one...

So, since it is looking more and more like this is not a poorly timed April fools joke, I have come up with five ways in which the Padres can try and save face with their disgruntled fans:

1. Add to the name: This is rather common tactic in college football and basketball when there are multiple iconic coaches and only one stadium / arena to name. Therefore I propose that the Padres name the plaza the TONY GWYNN HALL OF FAME COURT at the bud selig hall of fame plaza. Problem solved, fans are happy because how could you ever hate anything with Tony Gwynn's name on it and the Padres don't have to outwardly admit that they made a horrendous mistake.

2. Say the name change was only for Selig's visit: When in doubt lie your ass off! Lying to fans is nothing new for the Padres organization, the only difference is this time is the lie will create a positive change! The Padres should send out a press release tomorrow saying that the name change was only meant to honor the commissioner on his visit to Petco and it was never meant to be a permanent change, then apologize for any miss communications there may have been.

3. Create a Distraction: Distract fans by announcing that the team's primary colors next year will be brown and gold! #BringBackTheBrown

4. Change the Plaza Name Everytime the Padres Honor Someone: We all know that Mike Dee loves a cheap gimmick, so why not make it a tradition to rename the plaza every time the Padres honor someone. All the Padres need to do is replace the evil banner with a changeable message sign presto problem solved. I mean don't you look forward to explaining who the Beatles were to your kids when it is named Paul Maccartney Plaza in September? Or cant we all look forward to seeing Grave Digger's Last Tomb Plaza when Monster Jam comes to Petco in 2015? The possibilities are endless, and Bud Selig Plaza will only be a awful footnote in the long history of Padre screw ups.

5. Do the Right Thing: Look, this was clearly a misjudgment and a mistake on the Padres part so why not just admit it and apologize. Then rename it as the Ray and Joan Kroc Plaza or the Jack Murphy Memorial Plaza and call it a day. Fans are willing to forgive (especially Padre fans), so please Mike Dee and Ron Fowler just do the right thing and let's just move on.

Update 8/27/2014: Added More Tweets.

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