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Padres name Petco Park plaza after Bud Selig

Padres bribe Bud Selig with naming honor in exchange for All-Star Game

I'm on my way to the Padres game right now.  Jonny is literally waiting for me down at the curb.  But I just heard about this decision by the Padres and I'm infuriated.  The powers that be in the Front Office decided to name the Palm Court Plaza at Petco Park in honor of outgoing commissioner Bud Selig.

What in the world did Selig ever do to help the Padres?  Why is he in anyway associated with the Padres Hall of Fame?  He's the worst!  People know this.

Padres, City of San Diego pay homage to Selig | News

"We wanted to do something to recognize his contributions here in San Diego because they are unique," Dee said. "Make no mistake, his contributions to the creation of Petco Park are profound. For those of us who were around and know the trips he made and conversations he made with local officials."

"For those of us that were around..." that's rich.  The park was delayed 2 years due to lawsuits and didn't open until 2004.  Mike Dee probably doesn't remember because he abandoned ship and ran off with Larry Lucchino to Boston in 2002 before the park was finished.

Why are we sucking up to a commissioner who's on his way out?  To get that elusive All-Star Game, I guess.

Selig hints at All-Star Game in Petco's future | News

"I'm working on All-Star Games. I'm going to do that, particularly with [Commissioner-elect] Rob Manfred," Selig said. "The only thing I'll tell you about San Diego is, I like their chances."

"...unless another club is able to give me a bigger bribe."

I'm stunned.  Absolutely stunned.  The Padres shouldn't need to give a  bribe and their dignity in exchange for an All-Star game.  The team is based in the greatest city in the world, has one of the nicer parks and hasn't hosted since 1992.  There must be a way to get it done without stooping this low.