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Padres play their worst baseball when wearing road gray uniforms

Christian Petersen

As if there wasn't enough reason to despise the generic gray road Padres uniforms, now we find out that they promote losing. Chris Creamer from SportsLogos.Net (and Canda, which explains his alternative spellings of 'grey' and 'colour') has kept track of the records of all the different baseball uniforms around the league and the Padres road grays are the worst, not just aesthetically but in their win-loss totals as well.  He's got the the team record as 13-32, but they lost today in the grays and are now 13-33 (.283).

You can look at all the jersey's match-ups and witness the pitiful outcomes by following the link.  When the Padres cloth themselves in these drab colors they drape shame upon themselves and the city they play for.

Are the starting pitchers the ones still choosing the uniform?  Make them stop immediately, they've got no sense.

I'd have thought that those uniforms would have lulled their opponents to sleep, they're that boring.  Instead teams feast upon them, knowing that any player that would don these fashion disasters must have no pride.  It's time to bring back the true Padres colors of brown and gold and rejuvenate the team and its fan base.  Enough is enough.  What more do you want Padres?  More losing?  So be it!