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SD1, ARI5: Despaigne & Co. Struggle

Trying to bounce back from a tough night in St. Louis, Odrisamer Despaigne was attacked early and the bats couldn't seem to back up pitching once again.

Christian Petersen

In seven games started Despaigne has posted 38 innings. he has given up 25 runs in those games and sits on a harsh 4.89 ERA. Harsh compared to the rest of his rotation-mates. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to go right for him tonight.

He was only able to last 5 innings after giving up 4 earned runs. Three of those came off an ugly first inning where he allowed a two-out triple from David Peralta. It was followed up by an RBI-single, and before Odrisamer could end the inning Miguel Montero stole a solo home run from him.

Things never really went the Padres' way after that. After Arizona tacked on another run, making things 4-0, the score remained unchanged. Abraham Almonte struck out twice, Despaigne had a glimmering chance at a hit to center but it was snatched out from under him, and Cameron Maybin came in to pinch hit but struck out as well.

John Collmenter was able to single-handedly surpress the Padres until the 9th inning when a lil' rally got started. The 9th-inning ninja Alexi Amarista and Yangervis Solarte both snuck a single. After being advanced by Almonte, Miguel Montero returned the run he scored earlier by failing to glove a pitch. The result was The Ninja ninja'ing in our only run of the night - preventing a shutout.

Good news is we got to see Frank Garces make an appearance again, throwing two innings of ball giving up one walk and striking out a snake. In his three innings pitched he's now sporting a 0.33 WHIP.

Due to a catastrophic failure of our offense for almost the entire game, our win probability was absolutely turrible. After that Montero home run, which garnered almost an 80% WE boost and kept the Diamondbacks on top for the entire night.

Source: FanGraphs

Everybody had a busy Friday night, but half a dozen of the faithful populated the gamethread.

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