Way Too Early Costume Ideas

T.J. Kirkpatrick

Although Halloween is still a few months away it is never too early to start coming up with costume ideas. It is good to order costume parts early as well, in case something goes wrong with the shipping. I usually try to go thrift shopping rather than ordering parts of my costume because costumes tend to be crazy expensive, but I figured I would provide links incase people do want to use my ideas and have enough money to order the parts. Last year I threw together a last minute costume and ended up going as a right handed Cory Luebke. This was fun, but I prefer to be much more creative with my costumes. Alright, I will put together some of my favorite ideas which you are free to use if you would like, and I would also like your ideas in the comment section!

1. Lil Padre

This costume is supposed to be what Lil Wayne would look like if the Padres were his favorite thing in the world.


1. The basic wardrobe would consist of some sagging jeans and a Padres hoodie. If the hoodie is a zip up (this is preferable, but not necessary) you can either wear a Padres t-shirt under it or you could draw a big "SD" on a tank top.

2. A dreadlocks wig (unless you already have long dreadlocks) is what will make this costume make sense to others. Here is a link to the first one I found.

3. Finally, you need to draw Padres based tattoos mixed with some Lil Wayne style tattoos all over whatever skin you still have showing. An example I would do of this is, on my face I would draw the tear tattoos he has, but have an "SD" between my eyebrows and write "Beat LA" on my eyelids where Wayne has tattoos that say "Fear God". I would suggest using eyeliner to draw on the tattoos.

Extra Flavor:

1. If you have a flat brimmed Padres cap you could wear it to the side (like Edinson Volquez used to) over your dreads and under your hood.

2. Any sort of bling would be great. This could include, but is not limited to, Padres jewelry, any jewelry that is big and shiny, or a fake grill (the kind that goes on your teeth.)

3. Another subtle piece you could add is to put Padres boxers under your saggy jeans.

2. Little Ninja

This would be a perfect costume if you are going to a Halloween party and trying to pick up TTG. I think of it very similarly to the way sexy pumpkin affects Ted Mosby.

1. You will need some sort of ninja costume. This would be an example...

2. You will also need to wear a Padres jersey over the ninja costume. Although any Padres jersey could work a current jersey would work better, but it would be best if you had an Amarista jersey.

3. Swinging Friar

This one is quite simple and self explanatory.

Cheap Version: For a cost effective way to do this all that is needed is a bathrobe, some flip flops, and a baseball bat.

Expensive Version: You could also order a friar costume, and just add the flip flops and baseball bat. This would be more expensive, but also look better.

These are the ideas I already had up in my noggin, but I will add others if I think of them and would love to hear your ideas!

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