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The Fanny Pack is back!

Jared Wickerham

I feel like a visionary because last December when all the other Padres fans were arguing about whether they wanted Padres bobbleheads, wall art or a Petco Park replica, I was trying to make a case for the giveaway fanny pack.

Some of the bloggers met with the Padres marketing team around this time and I was pushing hard for the pack, but I couldn't get anyone to listen.  I pleaded with them, telling them that in this day and age our pockets have gotten smaller with the advent of skinny jeans and we're carrying more and more with electronic devices.  We need more utilitarian giveaways.

If I remember correctly the last time the Padres had a giveaway fanny pack was in the early 90's.  I think it was black and sponsored by B100 radio.  They're the product of a bygone era.  Trendsetters like myself, jodes0405 and Matthew McConaughey are just the first to rediscover their usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

McConaughey  was at a Red Sox game over the weekend and told the reporter "I'm not afraid of the fanny pack."  You and me both, Matthew.

Next year let's promise each other to demand a Padres Fanny Pack and listen to the oracles that foresee the next big trend in baseball fashion.