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SD6, LAD8: Rally Ruined By Smelly Dodgers

A few flashy offensive pops by our Friars were smothered to death by El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula Dodgers.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

or the fifth straight game in a row, the San Diego Padres have allowed more than 3 runs scored. All but one have resulted in a loss. Tonight, despite an early three-run jack straight from the inventory of the Jedd Gyorkstore, the Doyers offense continued to burst past ours and made what would have been a nice little opening victory for us into a real crudbucket.

Lots of moves, lots of news. Former Ranger Don Welke to VP of scouting. Cashner projected to return this week. Jesse Hahn was sent down, most likely to return later with more room on the roster. In his place, Dominican lefty Frank Garces from our Chihuahuas was brought up. Tonight he fulfilled his role as a reliever perfectly, ending the night of unfortunate Padres pitching by striking out one and popping out two.

Ian Kennedy, who was been on a very impressive streak of starts against Colorado, Chicago, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh, took the mound today. Working through a quiet first inning, the Dodgers managed to break through to him, milking him for 6 runs, 5 earned (one on a good bunt read from Goebbert but a terrible throw to tie up Solarte and allow the runner to score). Six would end up being enough, but was a little relentless after our bullpen was bullied a bit as well.

17 pitches and a perfect 8th for Garces. Hooking his slider hard to nail Erisbel Arruebarrena as his first MLB strikeout, a stinky Dodger.

Offensively from the Padres we got to see yet another Gyorko smash. This time to deep left center, hitting it over the head of Yasiel Puig, who literally has a highlight video of him fielding a routine ball between his legs. Posting the game at 3-0 at the top of the first, Jedd continues to pile on his franchise record homeruns for a Padres second baseman.

Yasiel Puig and a Dodger fan in the stands have something in common for a split second: nothing they can do for obnoxious amounts of attention is going to stop that ball from sailing out.

Following up later in the game we got to see yet another Seth Smith RBI-single, who is sitting in second place in RBI's at 40 right behind Gyorko. With Seth putting things at 4-5, Yasmani Grandal got himself an RBI-double, hitting Rymer Liriano in after he reached second on a single and a conceded steal, posting the score to 5-8 in the favor of the Doyers.

Yaz pinch hits and slaps a 96MPH sinking full-count pitch into left.

Not to let up on any of the 9th-inning magic that has been consistantly produced coming from the series in St. Louis, the Padres got to work on a rally. With Venable working a walk and being given second base off Kenley Jensen, the San Diego Padres went into no-more-messing-around mode as Abraham Almonte laid down a vicious bunt, getting Vill home from a fumbled throw to keep things at a close 6-8. But after popping out hero Seth Smith, a less-controversial challenge was created off of a quick cut-off by Adrian Gonzales to catch Almonte rounding third.

I'm convinced Almonte was able to reach third base with his freakishly-large thumb that the umpires failed to acknowledge. The inning should still be going, and the Padres should have won.

I still don't think he looked very out. At the most a tie. But none of the video angles were convincing, and another hyped up 9th-inning is cut shortly and painfully to deal the Padres another loss.

Given the awesome nature of Jedd Gyorko's blast, our WPA was heavy in our favor. Until the Doyer hits started stringing together, which is when Padres plays made started having less and less impact. Almonte had a great four-hit night, but did little to swing the game in our favor.

Source: FanGraphs

A slow night tonight. Nobody really likes having to look at the Dodgers. Even if that means abstaining from seeing your Padres. Regardless, recs were had by jodes and comments were made by hashtagtroll. I'm not going to tell you the amounts because you shouldn't always get what you want.

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