1984 NLCS

Denis Poroy

It was game three of the 1984 NLCS we showed up early just to drink it in and made our way down to our seats: Field 39 Row 1 Seats 3,4. Close enough to flick M&Ms onto the foul line. Don't ask me why. Right about the time we were settling in the chirping started. Sitting directly behind us were two Cubs fans who had somehow managed to score some seats. They weren't your garden variety relocated Cubs fans, they were the real deal straight from Chicago and looking to celebrate. They were relentless through game one, even through the constant din of noise it was always there. We showed up for game two and they showed up shortly afterward a little scruffier, but still filled with confidence. A confidence that waned as the game progressed and when that ball came off Garvey's bat accompanied by Feeney screaming my ear "It's a rocket," they slinked away. Game five started and there they are worse for wear and tear and dead f_____g silent. A glorious silence that continued throughout the game.

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