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August 2014 FanPost contest

Win a Cashner camouflage jersey!

The Padres have an off day today, but Andrew Cashner will be making a rehab start in El Paso tonight with the Triple-A Chihuahuas.

In his honor, I thought tonight would be a perfect time to kick off a fanpost contest and give you Gaslamp Ballers a chance to win some prizes!

So here's how it's gonna work: Two winners will be chosen to receive Cashner camouflage giveaway jerseys (pictured above). EVERYONE who writes an eligible FanPost, however, will receive a Gaslamp Ball sticker. It'll be like in elementary school when you entered a science fair, and even though you didn't win you got a ribbon or small trophy just for participating. Except this is WAY BETTER than a participation trophy.

The jerseys I will be giving away were donated by Drama. He was going to use them to give to guests to the Flirt Lair (like how they give guests robes at nice hotels), but he decided that would be counterproductive so he was nice enough to send them along to me so that I could find nice homes for them.

How to win:

To make this as fair as possible, there are going to be two ways for you to win. First, the creator of the FanPost that receives the most recs will automatically get one of the jerseys. After that, I will take everyone else who participated and put their usernames in a hat and pick the second winner randomly. The number of fanposts you write will equal the number of "entries" you have to win that second jersey, so the more you write the better chances you have! However, if you write the fanpost that gets the most recs and you win the first jersey, you will not be entered in the drawing for the second, regardless of how many fanposts you create.

Some guidelines:

  • You must be willing to trust me with your real name and mailing address if you win. I promise I won't share it with anyone or use it to stalk you or send 25 pizzas to your house, but I obviously need to be able to send the jersey to you if you win, or the sticker if you don't. We could also possibly arrange a meetup / jersey handoff at a future Padres game, but that would have to depend on our schedules aligning, which doesn't always work out.
  • These have to be LEGIT fanposts. No typing in filler words just to meet the 75-word minimum for fanposts. Please put some effort into this so that A) this whole experience can be more enjoyable for everyone, and B) we'll be more willing to do other contests/giveaways in the future.
  • Fanposts must be Padres- or baseball-related. I know we love talking about things like breakfast, comic books, other sports, etc. on Gaslamp Ball, and that's fine (to an extent) in game threads and whatnot, but please focus your fanpost efforts on things related to the team or baseball in general. This can include, but is not limited to: analysis on the team/players/etc., sharing of a personal experience as a Padres fan, why you love (or hate) a certain player, what you think the front office is doing wrong or right, how awesome the Padres grounds crew is, your favorite piece of cool/meaningful Padres memorabilia, why you think they should bring back the pork belly nachos at Petco Park, or anything else your wonderful and weird little GLBer minds can come up with. Our blog is your canvas.
  • Don't write about teams other than the Padres or their affiliates, or players who are not and have never been part of the Padres organization. Just don't. You can, however, write about why you think a certain player SHOULD be a Padre, or something of that nature. Just remember your audience at Gaslamp Ball and please make it relevant.
  • Myself and the rest of the GLB staff have the final say on whether or not you meet all of these guidelines. If we feel your fanpost was too off-topic or that you just threw something together without making at least some effort, it won't count towards the contest.
  • As always, if you violate any of our community guidelines (i.e. if we feel that you are trolling, flamebaiting, etc.), your fanpost will be deleted and you may have to face the ban hammer. Again, this is all up to the discretion of the GLB staff. And don't try to be clever and register under a bunch of different usernames so you can rec yourself a bunch of times, or have a bunch of your friends sign up and rec your posts. We have ways of figuring out if these things are happening, and I won't hesitate to ban you for that either. This is meant to be a fun little community-building thing for GLB, so don't take advantage of it just to get a jersey (or a sticker!).
The contest starts immediately and will run until Cashner's return to the big league club (Corey Brock estimates that will be on/around August 23rd - this Saturday). So the cutoff for eligible fanposts for the contest will be midnight (PT) on the 23rd (or midnight on whatever day Cashner is reactivated from the DL). And then I'll announce the winners on our next scheduled off day, which is August 28th. So the cutoff for recs will be noon (PT) on the 28th.

Keep in mind we now have a 1-day waiting period for newly-registered members to begin posting on Gaslamp Ball, so if you've just been lurking all these years and decide you want to join, you'll have to wait 24 hours after registering before you can enter your fanpost (in other words, don't wait until midnight on the 22nd to join).

So that's it! Get to fanposting! We love reading what you guys write and we're excited to be able to reward you in some way (beyond front-paging you) for your time and effort. As always, if you have any questions or want to bounce any ideas off of me or anything like that, feel free to leave me a note in the comments or email me ( If this will be your first time writing a fanpost, don't be afraid! Feel free to check out our fanpost guide to help you get started (or, again, send your questions along to me).

Have fun!! Go Padres!! And keep the faith!!