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'Round the Bases - August Week 2

7/10-7/16 - A roundup of the best of the Padres. This week we saw the finale of the Pirates series-victory, a beautiful sweep of the Rockies at home, and a hard-fought four-game series loss in St. Louis.

Time to play the game: Pick your favorite reaction from the crowd.
Time to play the game: Pick your favorite reaction from the crowd.
Denis Poroy

A lot of offensive action this week. With the Padres scoring 35 runs over the course of 2 1/3 series', there were also plenty of offensive gems in the last 7 days. Not only that, but fresh faces turning up big for big plays and big numbers. Despite ending the week on a sour note, a lot of happiness can be mined for Week 2.

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Chris Nelson can't be bothered by your walls.


What's almost as impressive as Nelson's bravery charging into the stands, bumping the barrier, and flipping head over heels, is the play that followed immediately after. Afterwards, Nelson had a little fun climbing out of the stands and receiving his ovation.

Friar: Chris Nelson
Game: vs Colorado

Anything you can do...



On the very next at-bat, another Rockie pops one into the stands. This time on the first base side of things. Immediately after you get to see Tommy Medica egging Nelson on, challenging him as to who did it better.

Friar: Tommy Medica
Game: vs Colorado

Rymer Liriano scores 2pts. with his first MLB HR.


After being pitched hard inside for his first major league appearances for the Padres against Colorado, Liriano finally gets sick of it and turns very hard on an inside fastball. The homerun cleared the third story of the Western Metal Co. building, went straight through the window, and rolled all the way to the Hall of Fame Bar & Grill. Ominous.

Friar: Rymer Liriano
Game: vs Colorado

The Gyorkstore is selling Grand Slams


As the rain started falling and thunder was heard from a distance with the Padres down 5-4, Jedd Gyorko caught as much of the ball as physically possible and gave Cardinals fans even more of a reason other than a rainout to leave the game.

Friar: Jedd Gyorko
Game: St. Louis

Jace Peterson doesn't care that you want extra bases.


With a handful of players filling in a big void at third base, Jace Peterson proves that the void isn't large enough to allow a sharply hit ball just at the very edge of his reach to roll into the outfield for extra bases. Even more impressively, Jace managed to gun down the runner.

Friar: Jace Peterson
Game: St. Louis

Solid Performances

Jake Goebbert 1.255 OPS, 4 hits, 2 triples, 5 RBI's, 1 walk.

Eric Stults 2.57 ERA, 7IP, WHIP .71, AVG .174

  • Jedd Gyorko's grand slam put him at 31 homeruns, passing former Padres 2nd baseman Mark Loretta in franchise history for the most HR's by a second baseman.
  • Rymer Liriano and Seth Smith led the club in walks with 5 a piece. Since starting for the club, Rymer has been swinging at less than 30% of pitches outside the zone, and about 35% of pitches thrown total. When swinging at pitches inside the strikezone, Rymer makes contact about 95% of the time.
  • Our pitching was facing some tough competition in the Rockies and Cardinals this week. Conceding 28 runs, the only pitcher this week to maintain a below-3 ERA was Eric Stults.

(Not So Good) News

Yonder Alonso out for the season with forearm injury

Max Fried will undergo Tommy John surgery

Terrible Call Ends Streak