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QUIZ: Padres All-Time leaders in bWAR

Kent Horner

I was checking out the Padres page on and noticed that they've added pictures for the top 20 All-Time leaders in WAR on the main team page.  Maybe those photos have been there a while but I just saw them this morning.  There were a few faces I was surprised to see.  I questioned myself as to whether I could have named all the players in 7 minutes.

With that thought in mind, I created a quiz to see if you could name those players.

The rules are the same for this quiz as they are with all of our Sporcle quizzes.   Name as many players as you can.  Only last names are necessary for Sporcle to record your answer correctly.  Next step is voting in our poll to tell us how many you got right.  The third and final step is to discuss your results in the comments below.  Just be sure to use spoiler bars over names out of respect for people who haven't taken it yet.