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SD8, PIT2: Padres Maintain Winning PNC Tradition

For the fourteenth time in a row the Padres have taken the series in PNC Park. Made easy with the help of a skilled arm from Tyson Ross and the bats of Smith, Alonso, and Gyorko.

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When things kicked off today it was starting to look a little scary for the Padres. The past two games either San Diego or Pittsburgh had been scoring 1 or 2 runs in the first and staying silent for the remainder of the game. The Pirates did their part of scoring, but the Padres remained quiet. That was, until the juicy center of today's game arrived.

If you were noticing a lack of Cabrera throughout the day, it's because Everth was missing today due to crampys.

Tyson Ross was looking shaky. Starling Marte started things off quick with a single, which turned into a run after a Gregory Polanco home run, putting Pittsburgh up 2-0. After a walk and a hit, Ross had a moment to collect himself. He would then take the 'Rats all the way through six innings, only giving up three more hits and striking out three, crafting the Pirates into defeat through 7 groundouts and 7 popouts.

Things got cooking in the fourth when Yangervis Solarte coaxed a walk. A fielders choice from Seth Smith worked Solarte over to second, and he was driven in by a Yonder Alonso 2.0 single, pulling the Padres into the mix 2-1.

Abraham Almonte got things kickin' in the fifth with a base hit. Rene Rivera followed up with a single of his own. Tyson Ross tried to move the runners over with a lil' bunt, but ended up replacing Almonte on the bases and moving Rivera to second. Yangervis Solarte then took one for the team to load 'em up for our hero, Seth Smith.

Smethxy's fifth triple of the season came that close to granny material.

Smeth Sith flirted very hard with his first grand slam of the year, but instead opted for the triple; to then be scored by a wild pitch, settling the score at 5-2.

Going all the way to the seventh Alonso would get himself another ribby, scoring Amarista in with a sac fly. San Diego would then get their final jab of the series in the form of a Jedd Gyorko RBI single to bring the two productive Friars, Smith and Alonso, home once and for all.

Gyorko & Co. going 3 for 10 with RISP at all the right times.

Tim Stauffer brought his 9th inning stauff to close the doors, and give the Padres another PNC series victory on their belts. Key performances from Tyson Ross looking mighty sharp today with 6IP, 6H, 3SO, 2BB, and only giving up 2 earned runs and Seth Smith collecting 2R, 2H, and 3 RBIs is the type of pitching/offense punch that will keep the Padres hot.

Following up yesteday's Medica scare; Tommy was cleared by doctors and allowed to play today. He found himself pinch hitting late in the game, and got himself a double on a sloppy play which was extended to a triple on a sloppy throw. Four batters were hit today, as well. Starling Marte in the 2nd, Yangervis Solarte and Josh Harrison in the 5th, and Seth Smith in the 7th. A bit alarming considering an article that Jay Stokes pointed out last night concerning the Pirates' tenancies to throw inside.

The Friars will take a breather tomorrow to prepare for the Colorado Rocks. Jesse Hahn will be throwing against Jordan Lyles, Lyles did a little below average last week against the Cubs - but considering coming off of a fractured hand and a month of not throwing he'll be the perfect person to crush back into inactivity.

Our win expectancy today had a pretty obvious boost due to a certain Smith.

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