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Krasovic announces Trevor Hoffman will be inducted Padres Hall of Fame on August 30th

Stephen Dunn

The Padres Hall of Fame has been neglected for far too long.  Sportswriter Tom Krasovic announced that he has joined the Hall's selection committee and that today they inducted Trevor Hoffman.  It's about time.

I hope they don't drag out the process of inducting the other deserving members.  I'm blown away that team broadcaster Ted Leitner who has been with the team since 1980 still isn't in the Hall.  Do right by him.  If there was ever any doubt, Leitner proved that he is a cornerstone of the team during the services for his partner Jerry Coleman and his friend Tony Gwynn.

And then there's the others...

I'm all on board with Bob Chandler and the San Diego Chicken. And as for the Benito and Templeton, the more the merrier.