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"Hey, Hey Number 19" by Steve Poltz

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Traveling bard, minstrel and Padres fan Steve Poltz wrote a song to honor Tony Gwynn.  You just knew it was only a matter of time before the prolific songwriter would pen a tune for the man we all loved.

Song for Tony - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

"He brought so much joy to my life, watching him play and he would get those hits and drive in those runs," he said.

So when he saw his baseball idol slighted at this year's All-Star Game, Steve did what he does.

"I thought it would be fun to sing a song for Tony, I loved him so much," he said.

I just saw Mickey Koke tweet a fantastic live rendition. I transcribed the lyrics the best that I could, below.

Hey, hey number 19!
Standing in right field, grass of green
When you played that game, you played to win
I'm talkin' about Tony Gwynn
Yeah, I'm talkin' about Tony Gwynn


I could give you a thousand reasons
He played for the Padres for 20 seasons
When he stepped to the plate, he had no fear
Won 8 batting titles in his career


He lived to play the beautiful game
My life will never be the same
He hit the 5.5 hole with the perfect slap
And the ball would fly right into Jack Murphy's gap


They retired his number in 2004
He was Mr. Padre right down to his core.
In 1994 we all fell to the floor
He all almost hit .400 man!
it was .394

[Spoken] Now batting playing in right field number 19 Tony Gwynn

Chorus x 2

God bless you Tony Gwynn
We're going to miss you Tony Gwynn

In the version he performed for CBS 8 (linked above) he played a slightly different version of the third verse:

Alternate Verse:

Five silver sluggers and five gold gloves
We jumped to our feet when the announcer spoke his name
In 1994 we fell to the floor
When his batting average swelled to .394

I can't wait for the official version.