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Friars Struck 6-3 by Homers Away from Home

Friars gave fans an early homerun derby, but the Rocks did what they do best.

Denosaur tries to roar the ball into fair territory. He also took it right off the foot.
Denosaur tries to roar the ball into fair territory. He also took it right off the foot.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's exactly what one would expect. The series finale against the Rockies ended in a home run parade, with seven home runs hit in one game. The final score of 6-3 came entirely from HR's by both Colorado and San Diego, save one score on a wild pitch yielding in favor of the Padres.

The last time the Padres combined with another team for 7 home runs in a game was against the Chicago Cubs in both 1970 and 1977. They also had a 6 HR combination agains the Cincinnati Reds in 1998. Tonight Jake Goebbert, Seth Smith, Charlie Blackmon, Troy Tulowitzki twice, Wilin Rosario, and Drew Stubbs all went yard. Goebbert's 4th inning smack came after Yasmani Grandal making a poor slide on an extra base-hit and being declared out after replay review.

Goebbert gets to experience the Coors Effect first-hand.

In the bottom of that same inning, Will Venable (despite being universally panned due to his godawful hitting) reminded fans why he's at least viable out on the field with his sticky glove. A full extension diving catch is all too common with Wenable. If only he was that much of a stud in the batters box.

Will, you make it so hard to hate you sometimes.

The following fifth inning got hot for the Padres. With a leadoff HR from Seth Smith, and runners on first and third, Chris Denorfia took advantage of a passed ball that didn't magically bounce off the backboard conveniently into the Rosario's mitt.

Denosaur adopts his raptor-stance to steal a free run from the Rockies.

Even worse than last night, the Friars went 0 for 7 with runners in scoring position and left 10 on base for the morning. Legend has it that those lost Padre souls are still out there to this very day, standing on their bags, waiting for the ritual to be completed and a hit to be made to bring them home in peace.

The stud from Triple-A El Paso, Blaine Boyer, came in to relieve Stultsy from his 5 inning 3 ER Coors experience. He retired 6 more making for 26 straight outs since his promotion back in mid-June. Unfortunately Chris Benoit couldn't emulate that success and gave up 3 more runs which would seal the Padres' demise and forfeit the series.

A harsh loss, not from offensive famine, but rather some missed opportunities and unlucky hit placement in addition to that thin Denver air. It's not going to get any easier for the Padres as they face Clayton Kershaw tomorrow to kick off the four-game series in Los Angeles. Yikes.

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