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Middle names of Padres infielders from the 1990s

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

I have always been fascinated by middle names and infielders, and the 1990s is my favorite era of Padres baseball, so I looked up every infielder who played for the Padres between 1990 and 1999, and then...

Okay, that's not why I did this. I couldn't care less what Jeff Gardner's middle name is (it's not like I need to come up with any nicknames for him at this point), but some valued commenter said I already wrote this, and I thought it might be a nice gesture to make that dream come true for him. I'm all about giving the people what they want.

George Alberto Arias

Carlos Obed Baerga

Kenneth Gene Caminiti
Angelo Dominic Cianfrocco
Jack Anthony Clark
Scott Robert Coolbaugh
Jose Manuel Cora

Paul Tyrrell Faries
Octavio Antonio Fernandez

Carlos Jesus Garcia
Jeffrey Scott Gardner
Edward Thomas Giovanola
Christopher Cory Gomez

Kevin Wayne Higgins
Ray Arthur Holbert
Jack Robert Howell
Timothy James Hyers

Damian Jacques Jackson
Wallace Keith Joyner

Derrek Leon Lee
James Joseph Leyritz
Scott Louis Livingston
Keith Virgil Lockhart
Luis Manuel Lopez

David Joseph Magadan
Frederick Stanley McGriff
Jose Manuel Mota

Phillip Joseph Nevin
David Matthew Newhan

Michael Timothy Pagliarulo
Roberto Antonio Petagine
James Arthur Presley

Jody Eric Reed
Leon Joseph Roberts

Andrew Mark Sheets
Gary Antonian Sheffield
Craig Barry Shipley
Terrance Darnell Shumpert
David Alan Staton
Phillip Raymond Stephenson
Kurt Andrew Stillwell

James Ray Tatum
Garry Lewis Templeton
Timothy Shawn Teufel
Jason Michael Thompson

Jorge Luis Velandia
Quilvio Alberto Veras

Edward Laquan Williams

  • Roberto Alomar, Guillermo Velasquez, Andujar Cedeno, and Ricardo Gutierrez don't (didn't, in the case of Cedeno) need middle names to have a good time.
  • Joseph beat Manuel for the lead, four guys to three. Hey at least they didn't get stuck with Joseph for a first name. 'Til the day I die, at least one person every day will ask me where I'm goin' with that gun in my hand. Funny stuff, you guys.