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Introducing FanDuel: SBNation's exclusive partner in daily fantasy baseball

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Think you can be a better manager than me? PROVE IT.
Think you can be a better manager than me? PROVE IT.

If you're into fantasy baseball and/or winning money, SBNation has a great opportunity for you. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with fantasy sports website FanDuel, Gaslamp Ballers and SBN readers can play daily fantasy baseball with a potential for cash prizes.

The nice folks of FanDuel gave us some money to use on the site so we could try it out for ourselves along with other SBN blog managers throughout the league. And now that I've played around with it and become somewhat familiar with the system, I can say that it really is a fun way to get into fantasy baseball (even if you're like me and don't have a lot of experience playing).

The general idea is you get a set amount of money ($35K) to spend on your lineup; composed of a starting pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, and three outfielders. And you can play around with your lineup and change your players around before games start each day. Pretty standard. For a better explanation of how to play, check out the following video:

One of the best things about FanDuel is that it doesn't require a season-long commitment, which is something I know keeps a lot of people from joining fantasy baseball leagues. Cash prizes are awarded at the end of the last game played each day and you can take your money (via PayPal) and go whenever you want - no need to stick through to the end of the season if you find it's not your thing.

Go to THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to join our first SBNation-wide contest. There's a $2 buy-in (That's like 1/6th the price of a beer at Petco Park) and there's an $18K prize pool, so you can win up to $2000 tonight just for playing fantasy baseball. You can find all the rules right here (Note: Residents in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Washington cannot play for money presently. But as long as you're at least 18 you can still play for funsies!)

Any questions you may have can be directed to me in the comments below. I'll try to help out any way I can. Other than that, let's have some fun! If there's enough interest on Gaslamp Ball, SBNation may pursue site-specific leagues, so we would have our own league for Gaslamp Ballers to compete against one another. So try it out and if it's something you enjoy you can always come back for more. Don't forget to use this link to join. Hope to see some of you GLBers competing against me (and probably doing a much better job). Remember - if you win big, you are obligated to buy a round of beers or souvenir sodas for GLBers at Neil the Beerman's stand in the Brickhouse Deli at the next game [not really, but it would be nice <3).