The Outfield Dilemma: Third Weekly Update

Denis Poroy

Since I last wrote, the Padres have had five games, and went 3-2, against the Reds, and the yucky Giants. In the games we won, the pitching staff was fantastic, with two shutouts, and a two run game, though with eleven hits given up, and the offense had one great eight run outburst, followed by typical two and three run games. The outfield starts breakdown:

Smith- 5

Maybin- 3

Quentin- 3


Venable- 2

Bud did some right things, like giving Seth Smith five starts against five righties, but also did some wrong things, like giving Will Venable two starts too many, but you know the saying, you win some you lose some.

Will Venable: I quit. He sucks. He's doing worse, in terms of striking out, against righties compared to lefties, 25.3% compared to 23%%, 25% total, and he's walking at a better rate, 6.*% as opposed to 5.5%, but he's still only getting on base at a .253 rate against righties, .254 total, while Deno has a OPB above .300, .303, while only striking out 18.4% percent. Rant over. Wait I was supposed to find Venable's weekly stats wasn't I, but that's too depressing, I'm skipping this week. One thing i would like to mention though, is his 34.5 swing percentage on pitches outside the zone, bad for 39th in the league among players with more then 200 plate appearances.

Chris Denorfia: Honestly, I have an irrational love for Chris Denorfia, he's my favorite Padre but I'm not being biased in saying he deserves all of Venables starts, but I already talked about that in the Venable section. Deno didn't do very good, only reaching base twice in eight tries, and striking out three times, but his OBP is still at a good by Padre standards, .298, and is striking out only 17.1 percent of the time, up .8% from last week.

Seth Smith: Smith had 21 plate appearances these past five games, and got on base on exactly one third of them, dropping his OBP three points to .373, Smith hit a dinger and two doubles, which are very helpful, and he only struck out twice, dropping his K% to 16.7. Can we please keep him even more long term.

Cameron Maybin: Maybin had two singles and no walks in eleven plate appearances, dropped his OBP nine points to .301, his two strikeouts kept his K% at the exact same thing it was last week, 17.4%, so it could be worse, like he could go from almost never walking, 5.4% of his plate appearances, to not walking at all.

Carlos Quentin: Last week, Quentin got on base four times in fourteen tries, touching 'em all once, one double, and two walks,which kept his OBP at an identical .282, and put his walk rate at an above average 10.3 %. Quentin only struck out twice since the last update, which brought his K% .6% to 17.9%. I personally feel Quentin is a must start, outside of the health day off, and especially against lefties, who he has a career .358 OBP against.

Jake Goebbert: He hasn't played in the outfield in a while, mostly playing first base, and until he gets another outfield start, I will likely replace him with prospect Rymer Liriano. Goebbert had ten plate appearances last week, and struck out twice, but also had a triple, a walk and an intentional walk. Which dropped his #smallsamplesize OBP 24 points, to .333.

Jeff Francoeur: It was reported by Fansided's "Friars on Base", that Francoeur may opt out of his minor league contract, and sign with another team, but as of now, he is still in the Padres organization. Francoeur had 21 plate appearances, and got on base eight times, seven hits, last week, raising his OBP to .324.Three of hits were doubles, which raised his slugging above were it was two weeks ago, to .482.

Hunter Renfroe: Hunter the lord and savior, is struggling mightily in San Antonio, where he has .220 OBP, and hasn't hit a homer since his first week. Renfroe didn't play last week, so I have nothing to update

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