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Giants 5, Padres 3: Tim Lincecum Doesn't Throw A No-Hitter

Hey, we know that guy!
Hey, we know that guy!
Denis Poroy

Sure, the Padres lost the series against their division rival today. And sure, it was the second game in a row that the bullpen gave up the game-winning run. But on the upside, a pair of home runs from hometown boy Brooks Conrad (Have we mentioned that we know him?) and Yasmani Grandal did put our guys in the game tonight, and Jake Goebbert kept Tim Lincecum from no-hitting us for a third time. So let's focus on that, and not on losing to the Giants.

The Padres hit the road for a 7-game road trip leading up to the All-Star break, with Ian Kennedy starting against the Rockies tomorrow at 5:40 PM.

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