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Trading Deadline Day

A summary of all of the Padres' trade candidates and an open thread for commenting on the day's dealings

Harry How

Today at 1 PM pacific time the non-waiver trading deadline will come to an end. That puts it at 20 minutes past today's first pitch at Petco Park. The Padres have clearly positioned themselves as sellers having traded both Huston Street and Chase Headley this month. Here is an update on the players the Padres may also consider selling and an opportunity for readers to comment about all the deals today.

Chris Denorfia

In his 5th season as a Padre, the righty outfielder is approaching his first shot a free agency. Because of his contract status he is a likely candidate to get traded. At 34 years old, it never made sense for the Padres to agree to a deal beyond this season, and so they have reached the point where the most value they can get out of him is to return a prospect or two via trade. He is not the sexiest name on the trading block today, but he can still hit left handed pitching, can play all three outfield spots, is used to pinch hitting and has enough speed to pinch run in key situations for a playoff club. Rumors have the Braves and Royals in the mix for him. Some have the Mariners and Giants also with interest.

Joaquin Benoit

The newly minted Padres closer has been with the team for less than a full season, but already finds his name in trade rumors. A team that is out of contention and does not have a good outlook for contention the following season has no need for expensive relief pitchers. That makes Benoit expendable for the right price. He is still under contract after 2014 so the team does not have to make a deal, but they would be foolish to pass up some choice prospects. A deal would give the team some extra cash to splash to fix the offense in the offseason and would add talent to a deepening farm system. The rumors du jour are that the Dodgers and Yankees are interested.

Ian Kennedy

A week or so ago, it looked like a deal involving Kennedy was likely. Like Benoit, the Padres are not forced to deal Kennedy as the right hander is under team control for 2015. However, that team control comes with an expensive arbitration year. The Padres can afford it, but perhaps could reallocate those dollars elsewhere if the right deal came around. An acquiring team would be getting a pitcher who can help them reach the playoffs, can start in a playoff game and will be able to keep the following year. That is an enticing piece to acquire, but there is likely concern about the 8 year veteran's health after he was scratched from his last start with an oblique strain. So now a deal today would be a surprise.

Will Venable

I have yet to hear a rumor involving the lefty outfielder, but he has one year remaining on his contract and there are two prospects in the high minors that could man RF fairly soon. His value is quite low right now given his disappointing 2014, but I am sure the Padres would listen to offers in order to get free of his salary and open up a spot for the youngsters next season.

Tim Stauffer

The market for Stauffer has to be pretty small, if not non-existent, but he is a free agent after the season and if the team could get anything for him they would.