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Another Padres reference in an SNL digital short

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We've been over this before, but SNL cast member Kyle Mooney grew up in San Diego as a Padres fan.  His dad owns season tickets.  On a few occasions he's put sly references to the Padres in his videos.  For instance, in a January episode of Saturday Night Live the cast wore an array of Padres hats in an Inside Socal sketch.

In May, a previously unreleased digital short was released, called Wing.  As the descriptions states "A leftover buffalo wing leads to unexpected sexual tension between a close-knit group of guys."  This is my type of comedy.  A really weird premise with strong sexual overtones between friends in an 90s sitcom universe.  I've watched this video no less than thirty times and shared it with everybody I know.  I never get a response back when I send it.  I guess it's not for everyone.

Even after the multiple viewings I missed the Padres reference at the very end of the video, but Greg didn't.  He sent a tweet to Lobshots who grabbed a screen cap.

Here's Kyle's interview when he was a guest on Padres Social Hour and threw out the first pitch prior to the game..