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Quiz: Padres starting pitchers since Jake Peavy was traded

Patrick McDermott

I was grasping at straws trying to think of a subject for a quiz earlier (stop me if you've heard this before), then I saw Jake Peavy's name, and the rest of the premise wrote itself. Since Peavy was sent to the White Sox at the trade deadline nearly five years ago, 34 pitchers have started at least one game for the Padres.

I did a B-R play index search to find the 39 pitchers who have started for the Padres from the 2009 season until today, then pored over game logs to eliminate four pitchers who started all of their games before he was traded. So, just in case you were going to guess Walter Silva, Shawn Hill, Josh Geer, or Josh Banks, you can go ahead and save your time. Consider that my gift to you, but the real reason I dropped their names was so that no one would tell me in the comments that I forgot them.

Speaking of the comments, blow 'em up, but don't forget to use spoiler bars where applicable. Also, be sure to log your score in the poll. Good luck!