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Padres history: Brooks Conrad and all the other 11s

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a nerd about uniform numbers, so  when I hear that the Padres acquired or called someone up one of the first things I do is try to find out what number he'll be wearing. Fortunately for me, other people also care about such minutia, so Brooks Conrad's number was already public knowledge when I woke up from an impromptu nap.

I knew a handful of former elevens off the top of my head, but I headed over to Baseball-Reference's uniform number history page for the team to see the whole list. I'm glad it's that convenient now; up until a couple years ago they didn't have them all listed together, and I'd have to go through year-by-year to manually create lists of players for each number. Oh, the dark ages.

Roberto Pena 1969
Ramon Webster 1970
Enzo Hernandez 1971-77
Chuck Baker 1978-80
George Hinshaw 1982
Jerry Manuel 1982
Tim Flannery 1983-89
Craig Lefferts 1990-92
Dan Walters 1993
Brad Ausmus 1993-96
Humberto Quintero 2003-04
Mark Sweeney 2005
Craig Stansberry 2007-08
Drew Macias 2008-09
Chris Stewart 2010
Brad Hawpe 2011
Logan Forsythe 2012-13
Brooks Conrad 2014
  • Enzo Hernandez wore #11 the longest, barely edging out Flan by 14 games, 710 to 696. Flannery played 276 games with the Padres before receiving 11; he gave up his #6 when the team signed Steve Garvey. Then again, Flan did wear 11 again when he came back as a coach, so that counts for something.
  • The list includes two guys who played only two games with the Padres - Manuel and Stewart.
  • Manuel is also part of another sub-pair: He and Ausmus went on to become major league managers.
  • In case you didn't know, or had forgotten, Craig Stansberry is the first major league player who was born in Saudi Arabia. Also, the stansberries taste like stansberries.