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SD 3, ATL 8: Padres Patterns Return

Weirdly enough the Pads recorded a loss tonight after only scoring three runs. If that sounds like something that's been pointed out before, it's because it has been.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The hitting is now back to it's standard form and the pitching is showing more sloppiness for the second night in a row. What Pads fans were getting used to after a solid three-game winning streak has faded for the weekend as San Diego drops game three against the Atlanta Braves.

Getting into things Eric Stults was looking fresh, posting two 1-2-3 innings while the Padres were starting to pick away at the Barvs starter Mike Minor. Once we reached the third inning, Yangervis Solarte broke through the Atlanta pitching front and jacked a solo HR into left field. Unfortunately for the Padres, the early lead wouldn't go unanswered.

Yangervis SoloHR-rte.

Six ugly runs, started with a two doubles, and a suceeding pair of singles put Atlanta up 2-1. Things got real ugly when Yasmani Grandal failed to handle a sharp grounder, and two more runs snuck through. Piled on by an another RBI single right after, the Braves responded in the 3rd with a 6-1 lead. Stults was jacked up for the night, going 6 innings giving up 6 hits and 6 ER. Ooh, creepy.

Taken all the way to the sixth, Rene Rivera would steal back a run with his own solo HR. A few hits and roster changes in the 7th would take Minor out of the game, but that wouldn't stop Tommy Medica from at least getting an RBI in, putting the Padres into a 6-3 arrangement.

This is the 8th time Rivera has treated a baseball so poorly. Now third for HR's in the club.

Regrettably, that would be the curtains for a comeback. With a little punch-back in the 7th, the Braves unbalanced the game at 8-3, and their bullpen made quick work of the remainder of the Padres offensive opportunities. Add on another loss when the Friars score less than 4 runs and a lost opportunity at a three-series win streak.

We'll still get the chance at a split tomorrow, with Jason Lane getting the call-up after some announced soreness of Ian Kennedy's obliquey bits. Surprising absolutely no one; Carlos Quentin will head back to the DL, and Jedd Gyorko will likely get the anxious activation.

Comic-Con is over, so my escapism has run dry. Our ever-changing roster and absurdly inconsistent performances will have to produce new ways to allow me to grab on for dear life and get pumped UP. Please Gyorko, please. No pressure.

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