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Ian Kennedy scratched; Jason Lane to make first MLB start

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Kennedy will be skipping his regularly scheduled start tomorrow and Jason Lane is being called up from El Paso to take the hill in his place. Kennedy won't be placed on the disabled list, as he just has a sore left oblique that he tweaked swinging a bat, and the team expects him to miss only this start. Naturally, as soon as the word came out, a bevy of know-it-alls crawled out of the woodwork to let Corey Brock know that he wasn't fooling them; they knew what was really going on. Watching him shut them down one-by-one brought a smile to my face.

His Twitter game is so tight. I feel bad for the guy sometimes because in his position he gets inundated with garbage from so very many people, but he deals with it in a manner which can best be described as Olney-like. But when he's not having to reiterate his points because people think they know better, he's doing his main thing, which is dropping knowledge on Padres fans all over the world. After the oblique hilarity, he let us know who will be starting in Kennedy's place, but you know who that will be because it's in the headline and first paragraph.

Oh, speaking of headlines and first paragraphs, the Padres' official release regarding this is all fouled up. I took a screen cap in case they get around to fixing it.

I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to grumble something about incompetence abounding throughout the organization or something, and pepper a "goin' to hell in a handbasket" in there somewhere. That, or realize that I make mistakes all the time, most of which are worse than screwing up a headline, and cut 'em some slack. Yeah, I think I'll do that one, with a side of being happy for Jason Lane.