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Bud Black Eye

Bud Black has a black eye.  I heard about it on morning radio yesterday then promptly forgot to follow up about the cause.  In my prime blogging days I'd have been all over this news, now I just wait 24 hours and let others do the leg work.

First Wrigley Field hit a relief for Hampshire's Goebbert | Northwest Herald

He joked that the injury came from a bar fight ("the other guy is still eating out of a straw") before finally conceding a door may have actually won the battle.

Dennis Lin said the door went down swinging.

Getting a black eye is bad enough but getting it in an embarrassing manner just makes it worse.  I gave myself a shiner during our Grad Night celebration in High School.  It was one of those deals where you spend the night in the school gym hanging out with other seniors so that you don't go out and drink and drive.  We had a bouncy house at ours. Being a rambunctious seventeen year old I attempted a back flip and kneed myself in the face.

Dex, Kev and I were working at the San Diego Zoo that summer selling food and we knew the other employees would question my black eye and wouldn't want to hear about a bouncy house.  Dex and I came up with an elaborate cover story about how we were at a Mission Beach bonfire and while we were moving in on some girls one of us was sucker punched by a gang of their jealous boyfriends.

The one that was sucker punched fell into the fetal position while the other jumped in to defend the other's honor.  In the initial sucker punch or the ensuing hand-to-hand fighting I took a punch to the eye.  We worked out all the details so Kev and Dex had the exact same story.  As we suspected no one asked me directly but instead went for the scoop from the fellas.  By the end of the zoo work day everyone had heard the story including all the embellishments.  Our male counterparts wanted to help us find our attackers and finish the job.  The ladies swooned and in some cases wanted to fight for us as well.  It was great.

So yeah, Bud Black has a black eye.  You've got to be careful of those doors.