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San Diego 0, Chicago 6: Padres Do Best Cubs Impression

It's late July and groundballs are SO in right now.

David Banks

Hot off a cold trade of the flimsy Friar Chase Headley, the Padres went into Wrigley Field hoping for the alteration of the scenery to mix things up a bit. Turns out, it didn't. Eric Stults was popped off the mound after giving up 3 earned runs in a quick five innings. Our lineup on the other hand was full of outs, blowing some opportune moments.

It would only have taken a little for the Padres to fall, but the Cubs made sure nothing could get going for San Diego.

Cubs 1st:
Sac fly RBI
Cubs 3rd:
Anthony Rizzome Rizzun
Cubs 5th:
RBI single
Cubs 7th:
Home run, another Rizzome Rizzun, RBI double.

Today's roster featured a refrigerator-fresh infield with recently called-up Chris Nelson at third. Groundouts were plenty today with Nelson going 4-4 in grounding out to the Cubbies, which is arguably better than striking out. Four double plays, two being from Nelson, plagued the offense.

Headley didn't any better over with New York (except for his walkoff single in the 14th) so there's that.

The Mets series was won with a first-game loss, so let's say the Cubs are in order for that pattern. Familiar face Ian Kennedy will face off against Japanese newcomer Tsuyoshi Wada.

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