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Interim GM A.J. Hinch discusses the Chase Headley trade

Interim GM A.J. Hinch interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Trading Chase Headley was "It was a topic that needed to be addressed. A number of scenarios were going to happen. There is so much complexity to players that are attacking free agency. We became more comfortable that this was going to be he best interest for everybody".
  • The Padres are in transition because of their poor performance this season.  "It became more and more of a reality as the year has gone on and we became more and more comfortable with that fact that this would be the move that would be in the best interest of everybody."
  • There was always the possibility that the Padres could have held on to Headley past the trade deadline, but as they surveyed the landscape of the league they decided that this was a trade that was necessary to change the dynamic and the makeup of the team.
  • Yangervis Solarte is switch hitting Venezuelan infielder who had an exceptional April with the Yankees.  He's a good hitter that can move around the infield a little bit.  They like his versatility and his at-bat quality.
  • Rafael De Paula is hard throwing Dominican right hander in high A ball. He'll go to Lake Elsinore.  He's got good arm strength, size and change-up.  He's had hot and cold moments with his breaking ball. They can add him in the mix of their young pitching.  They have scouted De Paula for a couple years and feel like they are getting him at a good time in his career.
  • The Padres never definitely decided not to give Chase Headley a qualifying offer at the end of the season.  "We were certainly leaning toward, no."  It was "for sure" a factor in making this trade today.  Hinch admits part of the reasoning to pass on a qualifying offer was that they were afraid he might take it.  There was not one singular thing that made the decision.
  • They determined the return of this trade was the appropriate value for Chase Headley for the next 63 games.
  • The minor league talent that the Padres have acquired from the Huston Street and Headley trade might be Major League talent very soon.  There's a lot of transactions that need to be made to build a team for 2015.  They don't quite have the vision for next year.  They need to gather assets for future trades as well.
  • The financial aspect of the Chase Headley trade was also part of the decision.  They received talent and salary relief.  This money can and will be used in other areas.
  • Hinch did not deal with Padres candidate Billy Eppler. He spoke to Brian Cashman directly. Both teams agreed he would not be a principle player in this trade.
  • Hinch has a big responsibility for the San Diego Padres and his professionalism is important to him.  That's his incentive to make a good trade for the team even though he will not be General Manager.