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Brooks Conrad interviewed on Padres Social Hour

Brooks Conrad was a guest on Padres Social Hour this afternoon. Dex  just told me that he had forgotten that the pre-game series was filmed in the Western Metal Supply Building in the back corner of the Padres Store.  He just happened to walk into the store looking to buy some merchandise for his youngest son when he saw his brother-in-law, Brooks, sitting on the end of the couch being interviewed.

In the first five minutes of the interview Brooks talks about growing up a Padres fan and playing high school baseball in San Diego county with other talented players of his era.

Then right at the 5:13 mark, host Mike Grace brings up a really important subject:

MG: It's been exciting to watch through social media -- [in a hushed tone] for those who don't know Dex is your brother-in-law --

BC:  [chuckles] yeah

MG: --from Gaslamp--

BC: Yep

MG: -- so those guys have obviously been really excited to have you around.  Talk about some of the positives and maybe some of the negatives of having to play in your hometown. I'm guessing your getting a lot of ticket requests and things like that, right?

BC: Yeah, I mean there's really no negative part about it, man. Just this city is so beautiful, it's the best weather in the world to come play at, there's no negatives at all to playing baseball in San Diego man.  All my friends and family have been coming out to watch and support me and it's been great having a lot of tickets but like I've said it's a life long dream and it's a whole lot of fun.  There's no negatives about man, it's awesome.

See how quickly that Brooks changes the direction of the question from Gaslamp Ball to the weather in San Diego.  He's a pro.

Dex told me that since no one knew he was going to be a guest, Brooks's mom asked him, "Did they ask about your mother?"

Dex interrupted "they made him talk about his brother-in-law instead" to which his mom who was taken aback asked "Who?"

Good times.