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Mr. Padre mural being spray painted in the East Village

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A group of local graffiti artists known as the Wildstyle Technicians gave 10 News a preview of their latest work of art last week.  It's painted on the facade of the Undisputed boxing gym in the East Village on the corner of 16th and J.   One of the artists is a life long Padres fan and is battling cancer himself.  He says he wants it to not only be a piece of art but also a history lesson for future generations.

Tonight there is an updated look at the mural on Instagram.  It's outstanding. I can't wait to see it in person.  (h/t @LosGeez)

I occasionally park over by this Undisputed gym location when I attend Padres games.  I take a peek inside the chain link fence at all the equipment when I walk by.  Honestly it looks a little intimidating for a guy like me who is neither a lover nor a fighter.  From the sidewalk, the first thing you notice is this is no 24 Hour Fitness and that's a good thing.  Reviews on Yelp! say it only takes a short while to get comfortable inside and their staff is really helpful though.

This Mr. Padre mural will draw a lot of attention to this corner of the neighborhood.  For me I can't think of anything more welcoming than Tony Gwynn's face.