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Rosenthal Rumor: Kevin Towers could return to Padres as a Senior Adviser

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Oh dude, Kevin Towers is totally coming back to work for the Padres, it's just a matter of time now.

Senior Adviser is a pretty sweet gig if you can get it.  You get to undermine the new Padres GM and pull seniority on him/her when they are hired sometime in August.  Senior Advisers never take any blame either.  When was the last time the public demanded a Senior Adviser be fired?  The new GM will have to take the fall when next year's team again doesn't compete for a playoff spot, meanwhile the Senior Adviser will be tanning on Mission Beach.

Towers was the Padres GM from 1995-2010.  In his glory days he took the Padres from the sh_tter to the playoffs and back again. The main knock on him as far as I can tell is that he's the primary reason the Padres haven't had a successful draft in the last two decades.  Those that remember him fondly know him as the "dumpster diver" who finds pitching arms that others have given up on and revives them in his laboratory.  He's been the GM of Diamondbacks since 2010 but is on the verge of being fired because his team sucks.

Towers for his part isn't worried about job security because he knows that Padres President Mike Dee is totally going to hire him.

D-backs' Kevin Towers not concerned about job security approaching All-Star break

"So if I'm here or I'm not here, at least my legacy won't be a negative one -- it'll be a good one. We've got a good corps of young players with a chance to win."


Here's how it'll play out.  Dee will hire a GM from Boston or Florida and then he'll in turn be forced to hire Towers.  That's my prediction.