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Irving Falu returns to Brewers after three weeks with Padres

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Padres announced that the Brewers claimed infielder Irving Falu off waivers. You might recall that San Diego acquired Falu exactly three weeks ago off of waivers by, yes, the Brewers. Full circle, just like the album between About Time and Straight Ahead.

In Falu's brief time with the Padres he collected three singles in 20 at-bats for a batting average of .150, which is exactly 150 points better than he did in 10 at-bats with Milwaukee earlier in the year. Falu, who wore number 1 in his 11 games for San Diego, also stole a base and took three of his eight career walks.

The Padres stated in their short release that they'll wait until tomorrow to make a formal roster move to fill the spot left by Falu's departure. Jesse Hahn is not the guy who will get a call, as his spot in the rotation doesn't come up until next Wednesday at Wrigley Field, and the only reason he's in the minors in the first place was to free up a roster spot in the All-Star-break-aided long stretch between his starts.