The Outfield Dilemma: Fourth Weekly Update

We had a great week before the all star break! TWO WINS, AND ONLY TWO SHUTOUTS. Alert the media, if we continue at this pace we are gonna win the pennant. The pitching was good though, we only gave up fifteen runs, in seven games, three games in Coors Field, against the league's top offense, and four games against another top ten offense, the Dodgers. We actually did score more runs, seventeen, then we gave up, but that's only because we scored six runs in both wins, and didn't give up too many runs in our losses. The outfield breakdown:






The lack of Smith makes sense, because we played four lefties, the bad side of his platoon. Quentin playing everyday probably means that he's finally healthy, a very good sign. Venable starting only two games, for the second straight week, shows that Bud is finally catching on, but after a four hit week, Bud will likely play him again.

Will Venable: Everyone's favorite scrub, Venable had four hits, one double, in eleven plate appearances, raising his OBP four points, he also had one double and one steal. On the surface, seems like a good week for our hero, but really it was a typical Venable week. He had no walks, bringing his BB% .3% to an even more pathetic 6.2%, and he struck out three times, which despite being terrible, only brought his K% up .09% to 25.1%. ALL HAIL VENABLE.

Chris Denorfia: The Padres had all of the strikeouts last week. Deno had seven strikeouts in 21 plate appearances, so that's good! His K% is up 1.4% to 18.5%. He got on base four times last week, dropping his OBP three points to .295. Basically, he's one of our best options, and he's still not a very good option.

Seth Smith: Due to his platoon split, Smith started only two games, but he still got twelve at bats in throught out the week. Smith really hit well`though, with four hits, including a homer, and four walks, raising his OBP four points to .387. His slugging percentage is now 22 points higher then what it was two weeks ago, now at .507. His one strikeout dropped his K% .4% to 16.3%, and his four walks put his BB% to a great 13.7%.

Cameron Maybin: Twelve plate appearances is what he got last week, and he didn't take advantage of them. getting on base only three times, but also struckout three times. His OBP keeps dropping, nineteen points in two weeks, to .291. His K% also rose 1.2% to 18.6%, but his one walk raised his BB% up to 5.5%.

Carlos Quentin: Quentin got on base six times last week, including one double and one walk, in his 21 plate appearances, which raised his OBP all the way to .287. Quentin struckout six times last week, which brought his K% up 1.7% to 19.6%, but you know, at least he's getting hits.

Rymer Liriano: After missing all of last year with Padre disease, Liriano is now in AA San Antonio, and he's not doing great. Liriano has .326 OBP, and a .432 slugging, to go along with thirteen home runs, but his 25.6 K% is high, even for a player a year young for his league, and his average 8.3% BB% doesn't do much to make up for it.

Jeff Francouer: As of now, Francouer is still with the organization, and getting lots of plate appearances, 31 last week. He got on base eleven times, including three doubles and two walks, but struckout five times. His OBP rose five points, to .329. His strikeout rate went down .3% to a flat twenty, which isn't good, unless you compare him to Venable.

Hunter Renfroe: Hunter the lord and savior, got two at bats in the Futures Game, and got one single out of it. In San Antonio, he had seventeen plate appearances, and he did well in them, with two home runs, a double, three singles, and two walks, Renfroe raised his small San Antonio sample to .293 OBP and .423 slugging, not great, but he's still adjusting to the new level, and returning from a nine day break.

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