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2014 All Star Game open thread

Rob Carr

By this point, we're two days removed from regular baseball and halfway through the All Star Break, so many of us are so starved for baseball that the All Star Game might actually sound appealing. So what better way to spend it than by chatting it up here on Gaslamp Ball?

No, but really, the All Star Game isn't ALL BAD. SB Nation's Mike Bates has a good take on it here (emphasis mine, because I find it resonates particulary well with Padres fans):

The All-Star Game is a celebration of the game as it exists today. It's supposed to be a happy occasion! Let's not bicker and argue about who was picked over someone else. Let's not focus on who feels screwed. Let's instead appreciate the magnitude of the talent in the game and the diversity of its superstars. Let's give thanks that, for all the arms that have fallen off this year, there are still more than enough to fill out two all-star staffs with arms to spare. Let's be glad that every team, no matter how disappointing they've been, has players to take pride in who deservedly walk in the company of other giants (and also Giants). The All-Star Game may just be a big, dumb, four-day party in the middle of summer, but parties are supposed to be fun, at least until the cops show up, we hop over the fence, and we wake up the next morning with no pants and have to explain to our boss why we're late for the second half of the season to start.

So, whatever. It's baseball, and that's what we're all here (on GLB) for anyway. Let's enjoy it, or at least be amongst fellow Gaslamp Ballers as we sit through the trainwreck.

If you haven't already, get on Twitter and give our two All Stars, @TysonRoss and @HustonStreet, follows. Tyson is a relative Twitter newbie, but has been getting into it lately. Still, he has a lot to learn. I'm hoping we get some #spyonHuston action soon. He came kinda close here:

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on Huston's #spyonAllStars tweets.

I'm sure he'll come through for us though. He always does.

Best of luck to Huston tonight, and hopefully Tyson has a fantastic time in his first (of hopefully several) All-Star appearances for San Diego, even though he won't be participating in any game action.

Expected game time is 5:00 PT, but coverage starts at 4:30 on Fox