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Pads Fizzle Out 1-0 Before All-Star Break

San Diego gives away a four game series to the losers in blue.

Harry How

If you didn't watch the past two games against the Dodgers you didn't miss a thing. In the last 18 innings the Padres have scored 0 runs and the pitching has given up 2. For any other team; holding your division rival to 3 runs or under for 4 straight games would be fantastic. For the Padres it's practically a kiss of death.

Today Tyson Ross threw against strong South Korean Angeleno Hyun-Jin Ryu. They matched each other for six straight innings. Ross conceding only one run in 7 IP, Ryu giving up none in 6 IP. (Which isn't very difficult against the worst offense in the league.)

Ross, facing the division leaders, struck out 9 and only walked 1. This continues to be heartbreaking considering the true potential our team faces when throwing out that kind of consistent starting rotation. The only relative help Tyson got all game was in the form of a snared line-drive to double up LA with runners on the corner.

Miguel Rojas caters to Headley's dynamic speed/range on the field.

Teen pop sensation Yasiel Puig would go on to tap an RBI single in the bottom of the 6th to push the game in the favor of the team that actually scores a run.

So there it is. We're halfway through a sucky season and the Friars and faithful alike will get a week off to really sulk in a historically bad first half. When things are set to return we'll be treated to a rotation staffed by a group we've come to love and be terribly sympathetic for. Ian Kennedy will be the first back against the Mets, afterwards Tyson Ross will return for more and Odrisamer Despaigne to follow him.

Afterwards we should see Eric Stults and most likely Jesse Hahn called back up, who was sent down today in place of Jace Peterson in order to take advantage of the time off by staying warm in Triple-A El Paso.

Keep an eye out Tuesday for a very deserving All-Star, Huston Street, who will represent our Padres in place of Tyson Ross.

Until then: Keep the faith.

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