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Dodgers' 1-0 Last Ditch Effort Splits Series

It took nine innings and a sacrifice fly for the Doyers to overcome a dominating San Diego pitching performance.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With the third best pitching staff in all of baseball and easily the worst lineup in all of sports, the Padres will continue to be susceptible to games like tonight. Ian Kennedy threw a hell of a game, going 8 innings without giving up no more than 3 hits, walking only 4, striking out 8, and giving up zero runs. But zero isn't even enough for this San Diego offense.

A very light relief effort from Kevin Quackenbush in the 9th would follow a completely unassisted performance from Kennedy. With the Padres collecting 5 hits, leaving 4 men on base, and blowing the only opportunity to knock in a RISP. All it took for Los Angeles to split this hard-pitched series was a double, a pair of walks, and a sac fly.

San Diego Padres Pitching Stats - 2014
41 828.2 750 8.15 1.19 3.23

There aren't many starting rotations and elite bullpens in the history of the game to be trumped by an inning as weak as that. For these past three games the Padres pitching has managed to hold the Dodgers to 3 runs total in both losses, and 3 runs in our one win. Three is that magic number that our offense can't seem to break.

Tomorrow will be our last game before All-Star break. Although Tyson Ross is our representative, his start tomorrow will disqualify him from participating in the All-Star game. Instead, we'll without a doubt be treated to him mopping up the rest of what the Dodgers have to offer, showing us the exact reason why he was selected as an elite pitcher within the National League.

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Only a dozen GLB'rs had to endure today's let down. abara took home the rec title belt with 4.